Individualized Home Support is designed to empower individuals with brain injury and/or other physical disabilities reach their highest level of independence through personalized training.

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Individualized Home Support (IHS) develop, maintain, and improve the community living skills of a person. List of services that IHS does provide including but not limited to; Interpersonal skills and communication- Learning how to respond to people in a socially appropriate way. Learning what touches are ok like handshakes, hugs etc... Safety and self-defense- Learning how to report abuse, and defend against abuse.

Leisure and recreation- Find activities both at home and in the community that the individuals enjoy doing, and make them happy.

Help finding affordable, accessible housing- Search apartments, and resources for place the individual can feel at home, and best fits their personal needs.

Problem solving assistance- Assist individuals to work through problems in their personal lives, work, staffing, and other issues that arise. Household management and organization- Ensure that the individuals live in a home that is safe for them and for outside visitors. Transportation resources- Assist in learning how to use public transportation, Metro Mobility, Medical transportation, and Airlines when needed.

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Examples Of How We Assist:

♦ Cooking

♦ Shopping

♦ Employment

♦ Healthy Eating

♦ Physical Fitness

♦ Money Management

Key Offerings:

♦ Household Management

♦ Problem Solving

♦ Communication Skills

♦ Community Involvement

♦ Personal Care Management

♦ Healthcare Management

For more information about IHS, please contact Jody Parsons at (651) 645-7271 or