She Found Security, Accessibility, and Affordability

When California native Victoria Moore moved to Las Vegas, she looked forward to sharing a house with her brother and watching her nieces and nephews in town grow up. She didn’t expect to be diagnosed with cancer.

Eventually, because of rheumatoid arthritis and the neuropathy she developed during her cancer treatment, Vickie needed a power wheelchair. She knew she had to find an apartment of her own.

Vicki searched classified ads for accessible, affordable places but she grew more and more frustrated. She hadn’t realized how rare they were!

She discovered Bonnie Lane Apartments by accident. Across the street from the senior center where she swam daily for pain relief, a new sign announced ASI’s LIHTC* development for low-income seniors ages 55 and better. She was overjoyed.

Little by little, the building took shape. When she was finally invited to tour the apartments, she was amazed that every feature seemed designed to exactly fit her needs. Her wheelchair moved with ease through the extra-wide doors and hallways. When she turned a door handle and gave it a shove, it opened automatically. Perfect. She moved in July of 2015, becoming the third tenant.

The building is scrupulously clean, with a computer lab, library, and community room. (“They’ve thought of so many things,” she says.) Every apartment has a small, private deck.

But Vicki especially enjoys the raised garden out back. “It’s perfect for people like us who can’t bend down,” she says. A lifetime gardener, she tends herbs, corn, lettuce, broccoli, and strawberries. A community garden club meets once a month to weed, harvest, and plant. The Nevada sun is doing its magic on the vegetables. “I already have tomatoes bigger than golf balls.”

Vicki feels fortunate that her son, Steven, has been approved to serve as her personal care attendant. He helps with cleaning, cooking, and even the gardening. Her little dog, Annie, adds joy and unconditional love to life.

“I don’t know where I’d be living if I wasn’t here,” Vicki says. “And I know several people in the same situation. They would be sitting in their rooms withering away. Most places are not this accessible or affordable. I do tell everybody about Bonnie Lane Apartments. I think it’s wonderful.”

Download Victoria's story here.

* ASI developed Bonnie Lane Apartments with funds from the Nevada Housing Division, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.