Northern Nevada Supportive Living Services (NNSLS)provides both the best and the most comprehensive training to both our staff and the individuals we support. Individuals who receive our services will achieve the greatest independence and integration into the communities where they live and work. Whether you need to learn home management and personal hygiene skills, money management, or skills in using public transportation, we're here to coach and direct you toward your greatest independence.

NNSLS staff are committed to providing recreational opportunities to the individuals we support. We are involved with the Far West Disabled Sports program, offering annual skiing and snowboarding trips in the Winter and River rafting and 4 wheeling in the Summer. Other activities include weekly bowling groups, trips to Lake Tahoe, Wild Islands, and Six Flags. NNSLS also offers weekly social skills classes, art classes, and cooking classes. We have volunteers who provide assistance at various places within their community.

For more information about NNSLS, please contact Shelle Sponseller (702) 259-1903.