Brain Injury Programs and Services

The range of services provided by the NCEP Neuro Team include:

  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation, report and family conference
  • Regularly scheduled comprehensive multidisciplinary progress reports and family conferences
  • A 6 hour per day comprehensive interdisciplinary day treatment program focusing on PT, OT and ST
  • Residential treatment, including the comprehensive interdisciplinary day treatment program
  • Comprehensive multidisciplinary discharge evaluation with recommendations, report and family conference
  • Long-term residential
  • Life skills training

Because programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, the length of each program varies, and clients may be involved in a combination of these programs. NCEP offers a variety of work re-entry components, including assessment, career counseling, skill-building workshops, volunteer and competitive placements, and job coaching. As part of NCEP’s commitment to successful community re-entry, a Life Skills Training (LST) program assists clients with the transition from formal treatment to community living. This continuum is practical and directly addresses the needs of those served. NCEP utilizes and values interdisciplinary team functioning, treatment and communication.